Roof Racks are worthy of being there at the top of my car.

Roof Racks

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Roof Racks Are Worthy Enough

I am a little finicky about my car; I always want it to look flashy, and I have never fostered the idea of compromising with the look of the vehicle. It is because of this that I have never fixed roof racks to my car. Whenever I had to take my bike anywhere, I simply removed one wheel and then squeeze it in the trunk. I was always ready to take this pain just to avoid fixing bars and racks on the car. I thought, they would look incongruous and take away the attraction of the car.

However, a few days back I had to travel with my family and the trunk was occupied by my pet. Besides this, there were some other accessories; hence, there was no chance of putting the bike there. As a result, I had to go without my bike and later on had to depend on a hired one. It was awesome as I have never used a hired one before. The whole joy of biking was spoilt, and I was disappointed like anything.

On that day, I could realise that roof rack are worthy of being there at the top of my car. As I had to attach them to my car, I observed closely some of the cars with roof racks on them and found that they always did not look bad. I found that if chosen properly, they would gel with the design and colour of the car like the roof boxes. So, there would be no compromise with the look of the car.


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